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I hereby authorize the Comapny to conduct an investigation concerning all statements contained in my application for employment, to interview all employers and to conduct any other investigation that it deems appropriate. I further authorize past employers, all references and any other persons to answer all questions asked by the Company concerning my ability, character, reputation and previous employment record. I release all such persons from any liability or damages on account of having furnished such information. I request any duly constituted law enforcement agency or judicial officer to furnish the Company with all information pertaining to me concerning unexpunged convictions and I hereby release the Company and any law enforcement agency judicial or other individual from any liability arising from disclosure of such information pertaining to me which is obtained during said investigation. I agree, if employed, to comply with all lawful instructions of my supervisors and to abide by all present and subsequently issued rules and personnel policies of the Company. I further agree that (1) 1 will work faithfully and diligently, (2) be careful and avoid accidents, (3) come to work on time and (4) not be absent for any reason without three hours prior notice to my supervisor. I understand and agree that my employment is for no definite period and may be terminated at any time without cause and without any previous notice. I understand and agree that upon termination of employment, the Company may answer truthfully all questions asked by any prospective employer concerning my ability, character, reputation and employment record and I release the Company, its agents and employees from any liability or damages on account of having furnished such information.

Please correct your I certify that the information given by me in this application is true and complete in all respects and I agree that if employed and it is found to be false or incomplete in any way, I may be subject to dismissal without notice, if and when discovered..

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Please correct your That under Maryland Law, an employer may not require or demand any applicant for employment or prospective employment or any employee to submit to or take a polygraph, lie detector or similar test or examination as a condition of employment or continued e.

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